Saint Louis Area

Homeschool Shooting Sports (SLAHSS)


The Ballisticrats action shooting team is made up of homeschooled students from the Saint Louis metro area, including surrounding counties.  We shoot rifles and pistols in timed competition.  

The Ballisticrats are registered with the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP).

Information for Participants:

Ages:  Grades 5 through High School

Practices:  6:00-8:00 pm Monday evenings at Eagle Eye USA indoor Range in Wentzville, Missouri


  • Annual fee: $100 – payable when a participant chooses to join the team; renewable each August.  Prospective participants can come to a practice to meet the team and try the sport before joining.  
  • Practice fees:  $10 range fees per week plus ammo costs (if team ammo is used).  Athletes are welcome to provide their own ammo.
  • Competition fees:  The team will participate in SASP state, regional and national competitions.  Some competitions may also involve travel and lodging.  Athletes might also choose to participate in other action shooting competitions, such as USPSA, IDPA and 3-Gun.  Costs will vary depending on the competitions in which the athletes participate.
  • Upon initial registration as part of the team, team members will be registered with SASP (Scholastic Action Shooting Program).  This cost, along with the cost for the participant's team jersey, will come out of the $100 annual fee.    

These fees may be subsidized by other funding sources (fundraisers, business sponsorships, grants, etc.)

No experience is required for participation.  We are a competitive team but education and recreation are our primary goals.  Interested youth can come and shoot with the team at a practice to try it out and see if they wish to join. Email, call/text 314-800-7520 or use the CONTACT page for more information or if interested.