Below are several ways that you can help to support the activities and teams of SLAHSS:


It's the goal of SLAHSS that no athlete should be prevented from participating by cost.  Your donation will help us to meet this goal by covering ammo costs, range fees, equipment and other costs for the teams.  


We'd love to have the support of your business and, in exchange, proudly display your business as a supporter of our team(s).  


An endowment account has been established by the Midway USA Foundation on behalf of SLAHSS.  Building this account will provide a fund to support the future activities of SLAHSS teams.  Your one-time or recurring donation will be matched 2:1 by the foundation.  At the link, above, search for "Saint Louis Area Homeschool Shooting Sports" in Missouri.


In order to grow our programs and/or add additional teams we need volunteer coaches and people willing to help coordinate programs of the organization.  If you would be willing to get involved, please submit your information via the CONTACT page.

Saint Louis Area

Homeschool Shooting Sports (SLAHSS)